Move into Harmony Corporate Workshops

We know that a robust corporate health and wellbeing programme holds many benefits such as:workshop-redesign-picture

  • improved work performance and productivity
  • reduced costs associated with absenteeism and compensation
  • a happier organizational culture and higher levels of employee retention
  • a better corporate image that helps to attract talented candidates
  • increased employee engagement, creativity and innovation
    and many more.

It’s simple to see that healthy workers make healthy organizations which = healthy business performance. So why not enhance your programme by adding the perfect complementary service: our MIH Corporate Workshops.

Our MIH Corporate Workshops, designed and run by the experienced and knowlworkshope-redesign-pic-2edgable Louise Clare, will:

  • help you save money via an increased saving on Group, Health and Life insurance by increasing the effectiveness of your overall health and wellness programme
  • enable you to position your service as a one-stop health and wellness solution provider.
  • provide participants with the knowledge they need to reduce stress and better connect to their work, family and community.


Our MIH Corporate Workshops are the perfect complement to your current Corporate Health and Wellbeing programmes as they:

  • are designed to improve health knowledge and health behavioursworkshope-redesign-pic-3
  • easily tailored towards specific groups
  • address key factors for stress management
  • provide techniques for ongoing support of participants
  • are more than just a class, they are a true workshop, where there are ample opportunities for support and feedback throughout the duration of the workshop
  • have a provision for private consultations upon request.


To get a sneak peek of what our MIH Corporate Workshops include and how they can complement your programme offering, simply click here