Why Include M.I.H. Workshops to
Compliment Corporate Health & Wellbeing Programmes?

(i) Designed to improve Health Knowledge and Health Behaviors
(ii) Easily tailored-made for specific groups
(iii) Well-designed addressing Key Factors for Stress Management
(iv) Technique for on-going support
(v) Opportunities for support and feed-back during the length of 3 morning sessions. Provision for Private Consultations if requested.

Louise Clare’s Corporate Workshop Intention:-
• Connect with my audience
• Communicate my knowledge in an engaging and supportive manner
• Enjoy the experience

Why Choose M.I.H. Corporate
Workshops for Health for Health & Wellbeing?
SAVE MONEY:- Increase percentage of savings on Group Health & Life Insurance

BY:- Increasing effectiveness of Programmes, thereby increase the percentage of “Preferred Market” and adding to Company’s Profile as providing a “one-stop” solution.

53% tired
40% no time for family
31% insomnia and poor diet

Workshops provide knowledge for reducing stress resulting in a better connection to work; family and community.

Morning 1. 9am – Noon

• “Switch-Off”
Knowing the times to “disconnect”
• Workbook
Strategies discussed
• Feedback on problems experienced.

Morning 2 9am – Noon

FEEDBACK from previous day’s Session.

• Learn to “quiet the mind”
• Technique to “re-connect”
• Personalized application – some simple stretches included.

Morning 3 9am – Noon

FEEDBACK from previous Session/s

• Awareness of investing in Self; Family; Community
• Movement Harmonics
• Final Feedback / Questions?


Louise Clare is also available for “one-on-one” time with a more individual approach. This is when any issues not addressed during Workshops will have a more detailed and “hands-on” approach.

Louise Clare’s study and experience has given her a broad knowledge of the body’s energetic system. Again, referencing back to Ancient Healing Modalities of Energy Meridians; Natural Bio-rhythms; acknowledging the Principle of “As Above So Below” and it’s reflection to the body’s health and wellbeing, results in facilitation of the presenting symptom’s natural resolution.

Thus the benefits, of an individual session, are one of support, reinforcement and integration of Workshop principles.

Private Consultations are also available to individuals who may not be available for a Morning Workshop timetable or would prefer a more closed-session approach rather than a group environment. There is no prerequisite for these sessions.

A private consult with Louise Clare will include some table-work time; suggestions for supportive stretches and a detailed “de-brief” and full integration of the session’s results.

What is the End Result?

Clearly, having gained self-health KNOWLEDGE; with a more settled nervous system and feeling less stressed, the end result is being more calm and happy, feeling more connected, thus allowing for more time for family; friends and community. Hence, the ultimate result is a more productive and fulfilling life experience.