“Thanks Louise for a wonderful three treatments whilst on holidays.  I was feeling really rs when I got to Darwin and after each treatment, felt better, and could feel bodily changes.  I felt as if I had been completely realigned, not an ache or pain and slept like a top.  Lungs, digestion and muscular tension dissipated.  Still cannot get used to Louise but those three treatment made me realise how you should feel, so it gives you a mental stimulus to keep on top of your health.”

A.H. Brisbane

“I went to Louise desperately looking for help to recover from the effects of several long illnesses.  I knew reflexology had helped me in the past but I was not familiar with the other therapies Louise practices.  Not only did they also assist me greatly but Louise’s positivity, downright cheerfulness and empathy were invaluable.  A visit to Louise became a weekly treat as well as a treatment.”

J.H. Darwin

“Due to a serious back injury I have been having treatments (with Louise) for some time.  I have found it wonderful for both symptomatic treatment and ongoing maintenance.  The sessions greatly help with stabilization of my back and pain relief.  We have also moved into other areas of my health which helps me to maintain a healthy body and mind.”

L.W. Darwin