Movement Harmonics® addresses pain and restrictions in the body due to trauma (physical and emotional) providing relief and the return to inherent health.


Who are the people who would benefit and why?  All those who are interested in feeling better physically and emotionally, that is improved general wellbeing.  This technique is safe and effective for all age groups and limitations, with special adaptations for children and for working with babies.

What is it?  This is an inner-body awareness, while practicing a breath that reflects the natural movement of the body.  This can be incorporated with a gentle body movement (perhaps with favourite music) to have a body movement therapy.  Hence this therapy’s wide appeal for if physical movement is not possible the overall effectiveness is not compromised.

Where?  It depends upon the desired level of involvement.  This can be from individual practice or group classes.  Additionally,  those with restricted movement (wheel chair/bed-ridden) can benefit from this easy & fun therapy.

What can participants expect?   Principally, the Movement Harmonics® technique, utilizes the relationship that exists between the natural movement of every cell in the body and the ebb and flow of our environment.  Thus, by tapping into the rhythm of life, improved health benefits can result using this simple.

A truly remarkable and simple therapy that not only has health benefits but creative and manifestation potential.