Movement Harmonics

Are you dancing to your own rhythm?


This simple breath technique has the potential to enable a better quality of life, a fun therapy combining breathing and a natural healing movement.  The potential result is a sense of being free of health and emotional restrictions; regaining full potential and moving forward in JOY.

Breath leads to the pathway and Movement brings ease – peace and balance.

“Movement Harmonics® has evolved since 2004, practicing and experiencing the body’s natural movement & rhythm and then translating this into a simple self-healing technique.”


This basic technique and principle has the potential for far reaching creative applications.  The combination of intention and this breath and movement therapy connect us with the natural rhythm of the intention – the flow of ease – to move in harmony with all the possibilities for the desired successful outcome.

Examples:  could be creative projects such as writing; art; music; dance and developmental projects calling for new innovative ideas.

Furthermore, there is the exciting prospect of combining this simple technique with the intention of the “manifestation principle.”  The way to connect with the natural rhythm of what one truly desires.  Feeling how that “moves” and how the body responds to those possibilities.

This gentle, yet powerful therapy leads the way in natural healing.  It’s about Movement of energy into Harmony.