About Louise Clare


Advanced Diploma Craniosacral Therapy

Diploma Polarity Therapy

Certificate Toast Breath & Movement

Creator: Movement Harmonics® & Bionettics®

about-louiseLouise Clare commenced remedial energy therapies in 2000, establishing a successful business in Adelaide, South Australia with other practitioners.  In 2006 Louise Clare then opened her own practice diversifying her skills and knowledge to incorporate further energy based therapies.

In 2008 Louise Clare moved to Darwin, Northern Territory and has operated a very successful natural therapies practice.  Recently, Louise Clare has streamlined her practice by specializing in Craniosacral Therapy for challenged children & her Breath & Movement Therapies.  There have been travels to the United States of America; India and China (2010) to enhance her study and experience of ancient healing techniques.

Her practice is now more mobile introducing “Pop-up” Clinics in Sydney; Singapore; Kuala Lumper and Hong Kong.

Louise Clare offers compassion as a therapist and works to help restore emotional and physical balance through energy movement principles.

“Move Into Harmony®” is my on-going commitment to future development of awareness and awakening of body energy for health and happiness.”